LIsa Book Shelf: Drinkable Healing Herbal Infusions:

Harness the healing power of plants

Herbs possess powerful medicinal properties—and they are all around us. You can find plants in your own garden or local grocery store that calm nerves or fight infections. This guide shows you how to tap into this healing power through the process of herbal infusion. Learn how to use herbs to brew teas, syrups, honeys, and tinctures that can boost your health—and taste great.

What sets this book of herbal healing infusions apart from the rest:

  • All about herbalism—Dive into the world of natural healing as you explore the most commonly used herbs, where to get them, and how they can help you heal.
  • Get enthused to infuse—Brew everything from teas to tonics with simple instructions for every step of the infusion process—including serving suggestions for enjoying your drinks.
  • 100 home remedies—Promote heart health, boost brainpower, and improve your mood with recipes for healing every part of you.

Embrace natural healing and become a home herbalist with help from this standout guide.

Lisa Book Shelf pick:

The recipes are not complicated but tasty. First, I started with the Immune-Tune Astragalus Infusion and have many more that I am going to try such as Rest-and-Digest Infusion with Oat Straw and Chamomile Want to learn more? This author has a podcast you can listen too also.

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