Home Décor : Decorating with Lemons

Hi ! And Welcome to my Home. This Tuesday I am sharing my latest find at the Dollar Tree. I love decorating with Simple natural things when I am eating outside on the patio with friends. Today is Lemons. Perfect for outside dining and Inside the kitchen.

Simple Centerpiece :

You can use real and then use them in recipes. Or you can find realty good fakes.

Dollar Tree : Lemon Dishes

DI y Lemon Candles :

2 large lemons

1 teaspoon lemon essential oil

1/2 pound beeswax

4 Wicks, 3-inches each

4 Wick holders

  • Cut the lemons in half lengthwise.
  • Using a spoon or sharp knife, cut out the flesh into a bowl, leaving a shell with the white pitch and yellow peel. Reserve the flesh and juice for cooking.
  • Create your double boiler and heat the wax until just melted – but not bubbling hot.
  • Add the lemon essential oil for extra fragrance, and stir to mix.
  • Dip each wick into the hot wax and straighten it as you draw it back out.
  • Thread it through, and wrap the end a few times around the wick holder, and then press the wick holder into the lemon peel shell.
  • Place the lemon peel shells in a row between two taller glasses. Two to each row probably works best.
  • Wrap the loose end of the wick around the wooden stick or shish kebab stick, and then suspend the stick between the two glasses. This makes sure that the wick will be straight as the wax dries and hardens.
  • Pour the melted wax into the lemon peel shell. You can let it overflow a little – it adds a nice decorative touch.
  • The wax should take about 4 hours to dry. Once it has completely solidified, cut the wick to about 1/2-inch above the wax.
  • Enjoy!

Love Lemon’s : Try my GG Recipe for her Lemon Ice Box Pie … Lisa

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