Product Review : Pastel Colored Pencils

Happy Tuesday ! And today’s post is a present my hubby bought me at Hobby Lobby. He was in the city and asked what I wanted – I said stop in Hobby Lobby andd grab me some pastels on Sale. I usually use the soft ones in pots but he came home with these.

These were New to me. A Cross between a pencil and a pastels. They can be sharpened to a point to get in corner but blend well once used .

My thoughts and review: I really like them. They do take a little time to get use to but a light tough is the way to go. I would recommend buy a set they do come in a smaller set if you are just interested in trying them. And check Hobby Lobby for Sale prices -since they are a little pricey at $40.00 price range. for this set. Lisa

What is Pastel Pencils?

They’re just like conventional pencils, but encased within the wood is a thin stick of pastel that has a consistency in between hard and soft pastels. Pastel pencils are versatile enough to be used on their own but many artists also use them in combination with other pastel types (excluding oil pastels).

What does a pastel pencil do?

Pastel pencils allow the control found in using a pencil but deliver marks that can be layered and blended just as traditional pastels. Many artists love the marks produced by traditional pastels. They can be used to create painterly effects and gracefully layer to produce rich colors.

Can you use water with pastel pencils?

Pastels can be mixed with water to create beautiful depth and shading and can even be used similarly to watercolor paint. While their bright and dynamic color may appear to be more like acrylic paint, they can be mixed with water and used like watercolor paint.

What I am working on:

Thanks for stopping bye this Tuesday ! Stay Cool and Enjoy the reast of the week…. Lisa

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