Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

This November I am giving Thanks for all the small thing in life. Today I start with my family Home.

Thankful for my Family Home :

Having shelter over the head is a luxury.

It does not matter whether the house is small, big, rented, or owned. The fact that you have a place to reside and rest is one of the biggest things to be grateful for in life.

I am Blessed that my family home is filled with 3 generation of family ,love and memories. Since moving into my family home I find little hidden gems left from my Grandmother and Mom. Like hidden pictures, recipes and family keepsakes that tells the story from everyone that has lived here.

Sunday’s on my blog is dedicated to Mom, Grandma and I with family recipes and memories. Lisa

Electricity, Internet service

I am Tanksful and Blessed that we missed Hurricane season this year. But the year before we spent 4 days without power or internet service. You learn a new way of life wit hour electricity since my house is manly electric. We cooked outside on the burner and grill and lived out of the cooler. And charged phones at the local police station since they had backup generators.

Thanks to all the hard working crews that got us backup as soon as possiable. Lisa

Rhat are you Thankful for this Thursday of November ?

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