Homemade Holiday Gifts : Mason Jars

Happy December ! And My Gift Shop is Open. Thursday’s I will be bring you Homemade gifts for everyone on your list! So today Mason Jar gifts ….

Rekeyed Christmas Card Ornaments :

Supplies needed: 

  • old mason jar lids
  • glue
  • old Christmas cards 
  • ribbon or twine
  • optional : bells, glitter or other add ons 

First you will need to pop the insert out of your mason jar lid. Lay it over the area on the Christmas  card you want to use  and trace around the circle with a pencil, and cut it out Next, you will want to place a ring of  glue on the edges of the back of the circle you cut out. Press it firmly to the lid’s circle insert. Once it’s dry, then place a ring of glue on the back of the lid’s circle insert and then press it into the lid. I held it in the lid for a few seconds, pressing firmly, to be sure it adhered well . Once dried add twine or ribbon to hang your ornaments . 

DIY Family Picture Ornaments :

  • School picture
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue,ribbon
  • mason lids
  • Following direction above. I used Christmas scrapbook paper for the background. And used a school picture for the picture instead of cards. Finish with ribbon to hang.

Tip : print out family pictures on colored paper and use inside the mason lid. You can add some glitter and extras too. Lisa

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