Make it Monday : Recycled Book Crafts

Happy Monday ! And today I am sharing some recycled old book crafts for Christmas. I am a volunteer Librarian here in town and we always have old books and magazines to recycle.

Christmas Trees:

These are made by folding old Magazines we recycled. The size of the Trees is by the size of the book or magazines you use. And your folds. You can spray paint them or decorate them like real trees. We used them for table decorations and then gave them to the local Nursing home.

Tip : make sure you tear off the hard cover of the magazine or book.

Take just the first page and fold the top right corner down onto the spine of the book as shown below. Now fold the same sheet again in the same direction so that the outer edge of the sheet lines up with the spine of the book as shown below.Now you need to turn that page as if it were still a book. Then turn the bottom of the page (that sticks out below the book) up inside the folds of the page. Now the bottom of the folded page should line up perfectly with the bottom of the book. Now simply repeat this step with all the pages. It will get tricky as you progress through the book but keep making sure that you get your folds to the spine of the book

Angels on High:

I love using smaller books or Readers Digest to fold and makes these Angels with a Wooden Bead head. After finishing you can spray paint with white or silver.

Book or Song Page Ornaments :

  • Book pages or old song sheets
  • cardboard
  • spray adheasive
  • cookie cutter
  • Fine tip markers and hole punch .ribbon and beads

You can use any thin cardboard you have (cereal box) and lightly spray with adhesive and place pages on top and let dry. Trace out your cookie cutter marker and then cut out. Punch hole on top for hanging with ribbon. Add any thing you want to design.

Thanks for stopping bye this Monday and Hope you give this a try ! Lisa

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