The Gingerbread Twins: A Kids Book About Determination and Following Your Dreams

The charming adventure of Fox returning as a baker is hilarious and witty.

Fox loves gingerbread cookies. He has spent years daydreaming about the taste he savored long ago. His determination to perfect his best batch will definitely put his baking skills to the test. Fox’s frustration increases with each failed attempt, until one day when he is jolted awake by an idea in his dreams.

Full of renewed excitement, perseverance, and grit, Fox runs to his bakery to whip up another batch. However, before he could finish decorating, he heard the words he never thought he’d hear:

“This is our chance!”

As Fox stood frozen in his bakery with confusion, the chase was already on! The twins sprinted out the door and made their way into town. Little did Fox know that Gavin and Greyson had a few tricks up their sleeves! Will Fox ever get to taste his latest batch? Or will the twins outsmart him one and for all?

The Gingerbread Twins is a funny twist on the classic tale, full of catchy rhymes and chants. This charming story is full of vibrant illustrations that would make the perfect gift for any special occasion: new baby, birthday, Christmas, and more!

Why readers will fall in love with The Gingerbread Twins:

  • Children will be inspired to believe in themselves to achieve their dreams.
  • Teachers, librarians, parents, and grandparents will enjoy reading this version highlighting themes of determination and perseverance.
  • A special picture book that can be used in combination with other gingerbread festivities.
  • Twins’ representation as main characters in a children’s book.

“Is a hilarious yet educative picture storybook for everyone. This story talks about believing in ourselves and casting out self-doubt.” (5-Star Review) — Jennifer Ibiam, Reader’s Favorite.

Lisa Holiday Book pick : #KU book

A fun, whimsical story about cute, tasty gingerbread cookies. This book takes the reader through the twin cookie’s incredible journey as they try to make a sweet escape from their chef! The brilliant illustrations and creative storyline makes this a real page turner. Highly recommend for your littles during the Christmas holidays!

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