Healthy Living in 2023

Today’s post is all about healthy habits for 2023. My hubby was just diagnosed high blood pressure so we decided to start 2023 with some New healthy habits.

Habits is :

What is a habit? A habit is a behavior that is repeated regularly. This behavior can be an action, a routine, or a lifestyle.

Take medicine as doctor directed.

We tried other things but medicine is the only thing working. So working with the doctor we are working on a dosage size and right time to take the medicine.

Regular Exercise:

We started a daily walk in our family routine. Blue our dog enjoys getting outside to explore the town on our daily walk too. I am also starting a 10 minute Yoga and meditation into our day.

Eating Health :

Cut back on the Salt and processed food. Add more fiber and vegetables. And Eat dinner earlier, All the thing we can do. But we are adding a vegan meal every week. Check Wed Food blog… Lisa

Drink just one more glass of water.

Water is my battle . I am adding fresh lemons and limes too it.

Set a bedtime. 

My hubby is the night owl. He eats late and stay up very late. He needs to get at least 7 hours a sleep a night.

I am making a January Bullet journal with trackers to keep track of our process:

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