Book Review: Dyeing Season (

Book Review:   Dyeing Season (

Enjoy this Cozy mystery as you get ready for Easter.

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The eggs aren’t the only things dyeing in Buttercup…

It’s springtime on Dewberry Farm, and homesteader Lucy Resnick is busy putting together her wares for the Easter Market. She’s just finished potting the last of her herb starts when a tornado rips through her farm, destroying her crops, scattering her livestock and tearing up the barn.  As Lucy searches for two kids lost in the storm, she makes a grisly discovery: her neighbor’s home health aide, Eva, strangled with a hand-knitted scarf.  

While investigating the young woman’s death, Lucy discovers that blood isn’t always thicker than water… and that somebody may be taking advantage of the town’s more vulnerable citizens.  When a second body turns up, drowned in a vat of dye, the whole town is walking on eggshells.  Will Lucy find the killer in time?

Or has dyeing season just begun? 

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Excellent reading! This story is…

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Easy Yeast Dinner Rolls

Easy Yeast Dinner Rolls

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