FOTD : Clover

My clover in the yard: See any Four Leaf Clovers ?

Clover is a dense ground cover known for its shamrock-shaped leaves and pollinator-friendly flowers. It’s native to the Mediterranean but traveled to America in the 1600s, where it quickly became a favorite among farmers as a cover crop and livestock forage. Clover then became popular for use in lawns — until it was shunned as a weed.

  • White clover is the most well-known clover in the U.S. It’s a low-growing, rapid spreader that easily outcompetes weeds and thrives in poor soil. It also produces attractive white flowers that pollinators adore. White clover varieties range from 4-8 inches tall.
    • Recommended pairings: Annual ryegrass, red clover, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermudagrass, hard fescue, or red fescue

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