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Excerpt Amy scooted out from underneath Ryan and got to shaky legs. Giving in to the indulgence of a backward glance to find him staring openmouthed at her, she lifted her shirt off and tossed it to the hallway floor. “What are you doing?” he asked, his voice gruff. She kept moving, an extra sway in her hips as she […]

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Originally posted on Victoria Danann:
PUBLISHED ON GOODREADS ON 1/20/2013. I suppose it now qualifies as a tradition that I write a review of my own book. In some ways this is the most fun – the cherry on top of the very mixed bag of being an author. Was that a messy metaphor? Oh, yeah. One of the great things about accumulating a little recognition is gaining permission to break some rules. Baka’s story has been like a pressure cooker in my chest for the past several months. Getting it out there is a marvelous relief because now I’m no longer the only one who knows where we were headed. While preparations have been laid in these first three books for some of the other stories that follow, I don’t expect any future installments to take the emotional toll that this book did. A Summoner’s Tale is dark, not in the sense of blood and gore, but in the sense of physical, psychic, and emotional pain along with the scariest thing any human ever confronts, that – from beginning through middle to end, no matter how we may try to fool ourselves into thinking otherwise – we are alone. Is the subject matter and treatment deeper than one normally encounters in paranormal romance? Yes. BUT, I insist on my Happily Ever After endings. I’m hopelessly romantic, thoroughly American, and possibly suffering from arrest of development at around age three when…

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Originally posted on Victoria Danann:
BIG BAD BEAST (novella) Werescape Book Six Skhye Moncrief Genre: Paranormal Romance ASIN: B0088DE3EA Word Count: 38,000 words Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill (EDH Graphics) Kindle    Nook GIVEAWAY: One e-copy per tour stop, Kindle or epub. Leave a comment for a chance to win. Book Description: Each wants the other, but neither can stand to be in the same room. One day in the Big Woods, Normal Josie wakes up and helplessly watches a Shifter virus kill her immediate family in their remote wilderness homestead. Josie has no choice but to carry on. She’s forced to brave the forested Wild alone, leading a string of pack horses with all the supplies she can manage to her uncle’s Shifter outpost–back to where she became known as a little Normal female who could kick butt with the best Shifters, back to where she fell in love with the only Shifter she could ever mate. Thank goodness he isn’t there. But when living among a pack of Shifters, a girl has to obey the alpha. And her alpha has secret plans for her, plans that involve the only Shifter she loves–the Shifter who now irritates the hell out of her. Stationed at an isolated agricultural outpost with nothing but teenage hormones for company, Shifter Hostillian doesn’t mind monotonous day-to-day schedules where he rules the roost. And then his inner Wolf’s favorite wild cat screeches at his door. He has…

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