CBWC: Things found on a Picnic Table or in a Park

This week our topic is Things found on a Picnic Table or in a Park.https://ceenphotography.com/2021/04/01/cbwc-things-found-on-a-picnic-table-or-in-a-park/ My Entry for this week: Lafayette visitor center park (symbol French music) Picnic table at favorite Food truck at the Park Crawfish eating . Louisiana Picnic

CBWC: Anything that Flight

This week our topic is Anything that Flight. Your photo can show anything in flight or is capable of flyings through the air. Be creative if you feel like it, and fun with this challenge this week. Remember your photos needs to be black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective color.  I’m looking forward [...]

Red Birds : CBWC

Red Birds on Christmas tree are very special to me. My Grandmother always had a white tree filled with red birds every year growing up. This first pictures is one of the few birds I have left from her tree. Enjoys my birds . Lisa Cardinal According to wikinut.com, “The Cardinal has been christened the “Christmas Bird” [...]