Mardi Gras Event : Lynn Shurr

Welcome to my Mardi Gras Friday Event :The Parade is rolling with books,food & fun .   Lisa   Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball (The Mardi Gras Series)     book link As 1925 ends, spirited flapper Rosamond St. Rochelle encounters two men. Burke Boylan is rich and well-connected in New Orleans. Pierre Landry, a Cajun doctor,... Continue Reading →

End of January * Today’s post

Today is the last day of January. It's flown bye so quickly the New Year can in with rain & snow in South Louisiana so I am sure we are heading to a warmer summer. Hopefully February will be more normal because as my home page stated we are busy at my house. Mardi Gras... Continue Reading →

New Roads : first Mardi Gras in Louisiana

About 30 minutes down the river is the historical town of New Roads. The Pointe Coupee Parish set & home to the oldest Mardi Gras in Louisiana.    Le Poste de Pointe Coupée (“the Pointe Coupée Post” or Cut Point Post) is one of the oldest communities in the Mississippi River Valley established by European... Continue Reading →

Saturday Morning Coffee

Happy Saturday from cold Louisiana. Its your typical January here- one day warm -next day raining & next day cold. Never know when I go to walk Charlie what will be out the front door. So I am  trying to warm up & enjoying my morning coffee as I write this post What will today... Continue Reading →

Jackson,Ms BBQ* Pig & Pint

Thursday Food Finds us in  Jackson, Mississippi The state capital of Mississippi & a very historical town . Come visit in the spring when you can enjoy the beauty . Lisa     About 4 hours from home we went to check out a private college my son got excepted in. More college post later/ but my... Continue Reading →

Location-Location- Location *

Hello Wednesday ! From Foggy & wet South Louisiana.  Today's post is -Location-Location -Location! or Roll Call ! I have some new followers & I thought i would talk about my spot on the map & you can tell me your  spot on the map below-  Melville is a town  in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population... Continue Reading →

Saturday Sunshine *

Happy Saturday ! It's been frigid in Louisiana so nice to see morning sunshine      Perfect weather for a parade - Stay safe & Warm. And Catch plenty. And if you can come to the Party - Check out my Friday Mardi Gras event !!!  Lisa 

Thursday* Pork Roast & Cabbage

1/4/2018 Thursday is another cold one in Louisiana. But we are traveling today while on Winter Break from school. My son has another college to check out in a neighboring state about 4 hours away. Check out my pictures later today on Instagram.  But before that a little look at New Year lunch - Pork Roast... Continue Reading →

It’s looking like Carnival time*

Friday 12/29  It's Friday !  Everyone the close of this week & the start of the New Year Week end. We where out running around yesterday (pictures on Instagram) & I found the first of the King Cakes. I It's Celebrated early this year & Cajun Country is getting ready to party.     Mardi... Continue Reading →

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