Fall * Sugar Cane

Yesterday was the official start of fall !!!


autumn autumn leaves blur close up
Photo by Vali S. on Pexels.com

In South Louisiana not much changes . It’s actually a great time to visit her . The weather is a little cooler ,No color on trees but lots in the football stand and there’s still plenty to do with festivals every weekend  Sugar Cane

Sugar Can Festival is held in New Iberia ,La ( Sept 26 -30 ) with parades,contest ,food and more celebrating this great crop.  Lisa





Sugar cane has been an integral part of the south Louisiana economy and culture for more than 200 years. When Jesuit priests first brought sugar cane into south Louisiana in 1751, little did they know that the foundation was being laid for an industry that now contributes $2 billion to the Louisiana economy. Today, Louisiana sugar cane yields range from 30 to 50 tons per acre, with recoveries ranging from 180 to 240 pounds of sugar produced from each ton of cane

Mostly used commercially the stalk can be peeled and use for drinks, skewers  , and eating by  peeling the stalks ,and chewing (like gum) to release the sweet juice.  Lisa





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