My Craft Table * Wednesday

Welcome to my day of Crafts –

Today  I’ am blogging about  – Die Cutting Machines – after reading a post on Facebook asking about how many I had . I took another look around my craft room. Let’s count them

1.  Sizzix  machine ( Large dies )  Big Red – still works but to heavy to move around much.

2     Cricut   machine – an older molder / not wifi.  But still works fine. Good amount of cartridges .

3.      Texture Boutique  – Embossing only  ( I got it on Clearance)

4.     Big  Kick   ( last years Christmas present to Me) Hobby Lobby

And I ‘am sure some small hand held models too.


So – what do I use.  Well manly my Big Shot but sometimes I do use the other machines. Maybe just to justify hanging on to them. I find it hard to give away anything in my craft room that still in good shape -unless it goes to a good home.




So My Question is How many machines do you Have? Favorite?

Your secret safe  in my Craft Room?   Lisa


Oct 7th is National Card Making Day ! Join me here for some fun– Lisa



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