My Craft Table * Wednesday

Welcome to my day of Crafts –

Today  I’ am blogging about  – Die Cutting Machines – after reading a post on Facebook asking about how many I had . I took another look around my craft room. Let’s count them

1.  Sizzix  machine ( Large dies )  Big Red – still works but to heavy to move around much.

2     Cricut   machine – an older molder / not wifi.  But still works fine. Good amount of cartridges .

3.      Texture Boutique  – Embossing only  ( I got it on Clearance)

4.     Big  Kick   ( last years Christmas present to Me) Hobby Lobby

And I ‘am sure some small hand held models too.


So – what do I use.  Well manly my Big Shot but sometimes I do use the other machines. Maybe just to justify hanging on to them. I find it hard to give away anything in my craft room that still in good shape -unless it goes to a good home.




So My Question is How many machines do you Have? Favorite?

Your secret safe  in my Craft Room?   Lisa


Oct 7th is National Card Making Day ! Join me here for some fun– Lisa



4 thoughts on “My Craft Table * Wednesday

      1. I love it! It’s great being able to scan stamped images in and cut them out. Also, the online design program is awesome. It’s free and they have free projects. Plus, they have amazing features like importing SVG files, and tracing jpeg images to turn them into cut files. Just like anything there is a learning curve, so if you do get one I suggest watching the videos on Brother’s YouTube channel. They helped me out when I bought my machine.


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