On My Wednesday Craft post today I wondered ? Halloween or Fall or other? So in keeping with the Season this quick DIY Craft Post.

If like me you are a saver -of anything that might can be reused or repose for a craft ( Right)

So Here’s a cute jar redo –

Scare Crow Flower Container:

  • Cleaned Glass Jar
  • I sprayed painted white ( this makes the next layer stick on)
  • When dried brushed on brown acrylic paint ( used light/dark brown) Let Dry
  • You can paint or make face cut outs for your scarecrow
  • Piece of Burlap fabric for the hat/ scrap of cotton fabric for tie
  • Fill with flowers,leaves or straw to decorate.

Can be used to decorate table  inside or out.




Spray painting the container before  makes it easier to painting with brown acryrlic paint . I use scraps of scrapbook paper to make facial features.






The flowers were from last year – but you could fill it with branches ,leaves & hay also. You could also use with out the flower & fabric and make it a candle holder.

Use your imagination – I am thinking living it white – for Ghost lights Or Will make a great snowman for the Winter.


Thanks for Stopping bye – this Wednesday for my craft post. Check out – Monday ‘s Project Life Post. And tomorrow I am doing a recipe journal post.   Lisa



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