It’s looking like Carnival time*

Friday 12/29 

It’s Friday !  Everyone the close of this week & the start of the New Year Week end. We where out running around yesterday (pictures on Instagram) & I found the first of the King Cakes. I It’s Celebrated early this year & Cajun Country is getting ready to party.




Mardi Gras is early this year -celebrating on  February 13th this year.


Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”—the final feasting before the Christian season of Lent, which begins the day after Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday.

Fat Tuesday is also called Shrove Tuesday, a name that comes from the practice of shriving—purifying oneself through confession—prior to Lent.

Traditionally, before fasting, Christians use up all the butter, sugar, and fat in the house, cooking up rich treats and fried foods.

Coming to visit  New Orleans

First Parades Roll Jan 6th. 

But if you are interested in a more family friendly parades & true feeling of Mardi Gras come visit me in Cajun Country!!! I’ll be here.    Lisa 

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