Childhood Smells & Memories

imagesIt’s a Sunny  Monday morning in Louisiana so grab a cup of coffee and read on-

Sunday we spent yesterday at the local Wally World – and the Bin of candle wax scents caught my eye. While digging through the bin & sniffing I realized what an important part of smell is t us. Not only if  something  smell good or bad (sour) . But It holds tons of memories in that smell.

Like – freshly backed cookies  or   Pine from Christmas trees.New baby smell or a favorite New car smell – I could go on there’s towns out there. One of my favorite from  my yard is  the smell of Magnolia as they bloom on the tree is sure sign you are in the south .

But I am sure you all  have a special smell -that brings back special memories – Share yours here’s Mine

My Scent : Hoppe’s  #9   gun cleaning fluid 


So mine is totally a strange one . But here’s a little background on the smell – when I smell this it brings me back to quite times with my Dad. He’s a hunter ,an ex Marine and spends time cleaning his gun in the evenings. I remember as a child watching TV in the evenings & My Dad quietly doing this.  While asking about my day & telling be stories about times past . That”s why the smell is special to me. 

I may have to go buy a bottle just for a whiff of memories. Hope you have a great Monday .  Lisa