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You dream to start your Sunday with a stack of pancakes with plenty of butter and maple syrup? Or, you love pancakes, but want to experiment with new recipes, since you’re tired of the classic version? You love pancakes, but can’t eat gluten, or are following a vegan diet? Or, you want to have pancake any day, not just Sunday morning?

This book has got you covered in all cases.

“30 pancake recipes, for lazy Sunday mornings”, is divided in 3 chapters: “Healthy pancake recipes”, “Sweet pancake recipes” and “Savory pancake recipes”. Each chapter provides quick and simple pancake recipes, for all tastes, diets or occasions. You will even find a pancake cake recipe, to surprise your love on their special day.

Each recipe includes: a short description, a quick introduction to the recipe, serving size and time needed to make the recipes and of…

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