Apple Seeds and Murderous Deeds

Apple Seeds and Murderous Deeds

This week we celebrate : St Patrick Day on Saturday ! Let's get our Green on-   Book Link   Her crazy family and unprofitable bar were enough to contend with. Now Fiona McCabe has a murderer on her heels. Worse still, the local Garda sergeant seems to think she was involved in her old [...]

March’s 30 day Plan *

March’s 30 day Plan *

March 30 day plan

Lisa's Creative Life

Hi Monday crafters ! I hope you had a fun weekend. As part of Ali Edwards work shop this months pomp is to do something for 30 days. I bought new colors to work with but I am also practicing my handwriting. Mine is a mixture of script & print and hate to use it for any craft project -Hopefully getting back to basics will help me improve my handwriting. ( If you have kids borrow some writing practice sheets – cursive is making a big comeback in schools).  Lisa

Have you heard about Rock Your Handwriting Challenge-  check out there Facebook group & Instagram post  at #rockyourhandwriting

28150756_1843168205707167_4157843966789681152_n(1)IMG_20170123_153656_316.jpgWhat’s on your 30 day Pam for March ?


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Another Monday in March *

It's another Monday Morning  In South Louisiana.And where has my Sun gone. Today's forecast - Cloudy & in the 40's . And spring is around the corner. In Today's post about Me - I had someone ask about my blog so here goes- Lisa Everyday Life :What is it? Is my daily journal of what's [...]