The Windmill Cafe * Autumn Leaves and Christmas Trees



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‘I relished every moment of this story … definitely not one to be missed’ Emma, Shaz’s Book Blog

Summer days drifting away…

As the last rays of summer sunshine fade away, Rosie Barnes swaps serving ice-cold fizz and strawberries for warm, spiced pumpkin latte and chocolate brownies. Her love for the Windmill Café remains as strong as its peppermint green sails.

So, with time on her hands, Rosie agrees to help gorgeous Matt Wilson on one of his outdoor expeditions – camping under the stars with rugged Matt the perfect chance to wind down.

As the Autumn mist rolls in, the change in weather brings with it a sense of danger when one of the camping group is shot with a bow and arrow! An unfortunate accident, or a killer on the loose in picture-perfect Willerby?

If news escapes, Rosie knows dreams of building a life at Windmill Café will be over for good. Unless she and Matt can solve the mystery before it’s too late!

Review: A quick little romance with some suspense. Is the  this 2nd book in this series as Rosie and Matt go glamping.  Rosie is over her ex and ready for a new beginning but first she and Matt needs to solve a mystery . Perfect for any cozy mystery lover  this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 




Book Link

‘I relished every moment of this story … definitely not one to be missed’ Emma, Shaz’s Book Blog

As Rosie Barnes takes her latest batch of warm St Clement’s mince pies from the oven, even December’s wintery weather can’t dampen her spirits. With friends Grace and Josh getting married on Christmas Eve, and her beloved Windmill Café hosting its inaugural Christmas Tree Carousel competition the night before, there’s so much to look forward to.

But when Theo, one of the stag party, has a nasty accident during a bike race through the woods, the mood turns chilly. With someone potentially targeting wedding guests, Grace begs Rosie to team up again with outward bound instructor Matt, to try and solve the mystery and save her wedding.

With Rosie’s tree competition and Grace’s marriage at stake, they need to act fast. Can they find the culprit before Willerby’s winter wonderland turns into a festive fiasco?


Book 3 in this series an we are back with Rosie while she host a wedding and solve a mystery. In another great mystery that happens at Christmas time : perfect  quick read in between getting ready for the holiday events. So carve out some time to read this latest book.   Net Galley   Lisa 

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