Fire Prevention Week * So you want to be a fireman

It’s Tuesday & Hubby is back to work : 

Today I am celebrating all that our local fire fighters do and Fire Prevention Week!

Our local fire department as in very many small towns across America is all volunteer other than our part time Fire Chief .



Want to volunteer : 

Requirements for becoming a volunteer firefighter vary by fire department. Most departments require firefighters to be 18 years of age or older and hold a high school diploma or the equivalent. Candidates are generally required to pass written and physical exams, drug screenings and background checks. And EMT certification.


Children book

So you want be a Fireman; is an inspirational book for boys; who have dreams of being a Fireman. It intended for the parent to sit down and enjoy it with them; in order to explain once they may reach a part that they don’t fully understand. Its pack with the different ranks and the training that it’ll take for each as well. Don’t judge the book by the stars; because I’m getting plenty of page read on this one; it’s just that know one is leaving reviews; which is causing you as a reader; as well as your child to really miss out on some good reading; which can keep tem focused on the what they are going to be when they grow up. It’s very important for them to know before the time comes what it’ll take. That why I brought the book in this fashion to you and your child as readers.


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