Boo Charm Bracelet

Boo Charm Bracelet

I made this bracket with beads and charms to wear tonight as I dress up to give out Halloween candy tonight. length of elastic beading cord.(measure your wrist and add a few inches. Beads and findings Halloween charms String beads and charms together and double knot ends.Trim ends. Make sure you check Instagram I will [...]

Bread of the Dead by Ann Myers

Bread of the Dead  by Ann Myers

cozy mystery and a Cook book

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Today starts the Holiday : Day of the  Dead !   

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Trick or treat—and murder—are on the menu in this first in a new culinary mystery series

Life couldn’t be sweeter for Tres Amigas Café chef Rita Lafitte, decorating sugar skulls and taste-testing rich, buttery pan de muerto in anticipation of Santa Fe’s Day of the Dead bread-baking contest. That is, until her friendly landlord, Victor, is found dead next door.

Although the police deem Victor’s death a suicide, Rita knows something is amiss. To uncover the truth, she teams up with her octogenarian boss, Flori, the town’s most celebrated snoop. The duo begins to sift through long-buried secrets and to take full measure of duplicitous neighbors, but the clock is ticking and their list of suspects is growing ever longer. Just as the clues get hotter than a New Mexican chili, one of their main suspects…

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Day of the Dead * Recipe and Fun

Day of the Dead * Recipe and Fun

        HERE’S ONE THING we know: Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is not a Mexican version of Halloween. Though related, the two annual events differ greatly in traditions and tone. Whereas Halloween is a dark night of terror and mischief, Day of the Dead festivities unfold over two days [...]

Happy Halloween ! Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween !  As you go out tonight with your kids make sure you follow some simple rules for a safe Halloween - Have fun & Be safe.  Lisa We will be handing out candy at our town Trunk a Treat in the park :  So stop bye and say Hi ! Trunk or treat [...]

Halloween Candy * Teal Pumpkin Projects

Halloween Candy * Teal Pumpkin Projects

  Teal Pumpkin Project :  Show your Support !  My hubby and son has food allergies . So this is dear too our hearts. So join us as we support this project.   Lisa link   Taking part in the Teal Pumpkin Project is simple, and can be a fun family activity. Paint a pumpkin teal, [...]