Half Apron pattern to sew

Happy Friday ! And today I am sharing a quick and Easy half apron pattern- perfect for beginners -you can make this out of any fabric for any occasion : Valentine gift maybe for some one you love:

Lets Gather some supplies:

Sewing machine /Thread
-iron and ironing board
-self-healing cutting mat
-pinking shears

Fabric for Apron:

one 16″x36″ piece of cotton fabric (for the skirt)
-two 12″x12″ pieces of contrasting fabric (for pockets)
-one 54″x5″ piece of contrasting fabric (for the waistband)

Sewing Directions:

  • The skirt : Cut from one piece of fabric or 3 (14X16 ) strips. If using 3 sew together and press open seems to make skirt. Lay out and cut top edge with pinking shears.Fold (2) side edges by 3/4 inches and press down. Pin in place. Fold bottom hem 3/4 and press and fold again and press (double ) – pin in place – Take to sewing machine and with a straight stitch sew each side while taking out pins. Then after both sides -sew the bottom the same way. Across the top run a long basing stitch with machine or by hand.
  • Pockets : (2) Fold each edge 3/4 inch and -Press. Then do it again.
    Position your pocket squares onto your skirt piece and pin in place. Remember, these are going to be pockets, so the one edge we’ve already stitched on the squares (the top) will not be attached to the skirt. Pin them down when you’re satisfied and take it to your machine. Slowly stitch along the left side, bottom, and right side. Repeat on the second pocket
  • Pull lightly on the bating stitches
    Pull the stitch and work your pleats toward the middle until you are satisfied with your gathers. Tie off each end and pull your pleats so they are distributed evenly.
  • Now the waistband –
     Lengthwise, fold your piece in half and press with your iron. You should have a nice, crisp crease down the center. Open the fabric up and press a 3/4″ crease into each 54″ edge. We will not be double-folding these edges. On the sides, press a 3/4″ crease. Pin into place.

  • Find the center of your waistband and place the top edge of your skirt inside. Fold the band over and pin in place.
     Start at the short side (the ends) of your waistband and stitch along the edge. Continue around along the bottom edge of the waistband, sewing the skirt portion into the waistband along the way. Continue until you reach the end and stitch the second short edge. Give a little backstitch,

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