Pocket Scrapbooking

This Saturday I am exploring pocket scrapbooking ! So Let’s get scraping…. Lisa

Are you a bit behind on your photos to scrapbook? Feeling swamped? Here is an unique and trendsetting scrapbooking style utilizes page protectors with multiple pocket sizes and orientations on each sheet so you can quickly slide in photos and pre-made journaling cards, papers and embellishments. And get those pages made. So choose your sice and let’s have fun . Lisa

At the outside market : ( project life cards)

Halloween with pocket cards from Simple Scrapbook

Fall class trip : using combo size of cards from Scrapbook Generations.

Project Life : What is it ? https://beckyhiggins.com/questionanswer/what-is-project-life

Types of projects you can make :

1. Traditionally Digital ( digital kits or app)

Quick & Easy Hybrid ( mixing project life with traditional stickers and embellishments )

All-Out Hybrid ( One page traditional layout and supplies mixed with project life grids and elements. )

This page is made with the App from my phone. Lisa


Shopping for supplies : https://www.scrapbook.com/store/brand-theme/simple+stories-pocket+page.html

Scrapbook Generation https://scrapbookgeneration.com/categories/pocket-page-scrapbooking

Digital GingerScraps https://store.gingerscraps.net/Pocket-Scrapbooking

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