Heat Embossing * Saturday Scrapbook lesson

Saturday morning Scrapbook friends !

A Facebook post I read on my Facebook page inspired this post. Have you Heat Embossed anything lately? So that got me thinking -I need to dig out my supplies and get crafting ! Lisa

Heat Embossing Basics ( # 101


  • Heat Gun
  • Stamp and Ink
  • Embossing powder
  • Coffee filter (to catch excess powder)
  • Basic scrap book supplies

Heat Gun:

No you can’t use a hair dryer. Hair dryers-dont get hot enough or can concentrate the heat in a small enough area. This needs to be a heat gun made for embossing. ( shop Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s with coupons)

Type of Ink :

Ink – You need the embossing powder to stick to the inked image before heating it, so you’ll want an ink pad that dries slowly. Pigment ink works well. You can also use a special embossing ink pad or a VersaMark ink pad. Ink – Needs to be a slow drying ink.

What Type of Embossing Powder Should You Buy?

Most people start with black or white regular embossing powders (think of them like inks – a black ink and a white pigment ink are great starting points for all of your projects). Most people also enjoy having embossing powder in their favorite color, as well as a metallic option for special occasions. 

What to emboss ?
You can emboss on pretty much any kind of paper: Cardstock, patterned paper, glossy paper or specialty paper. The heavier the paper weight, the less likely the paper will curl up when heated. Vellum can be embossed; as with lighter papers, you’ll want to place it between some books to flatten it out after embossing.

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