When You Find Love by Wilia Blair

Holiday Romance

Lisa Everyday Reads

When Scottish antiques appraiser Caitlin Paterson accepts a commission in the Hamptons, ’tis the season for Christmas miracles. Too bad she doesn’t have one handy.

Successful businessman Holt Ridley resents being forced by his great-aunt’s bequest to winter at the family estate he has hated since childhood. Still, the enticing appraiser he finds there is an unexpected holiday gift—or is she?

Among the furnishings Caitlin is tasked with evaluating, she discovers the key to a centuries-old heartache that plagues Holt’s family. Caitlin longs to help Holt find the happiness that eluded him his entire life—but this secret could destroy everything.

Net Galley book review:

When You Find Love is a beautiful romance filled with Christmas magic. It’s an interesting story with a few surprises, a family curse which serves to cleverly interweave Scottish history and customs with the American way of life making this the perfect Christmas romance. So grab…

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National Maple Syrup day !

National Maple Syrup day !

Welcome to class this Tuesday ! And it's all about Maple syrup today ... Bell Ringer? How long before a maple tree produces syrup?forty yearsI  for a maple tree to grow before it is big enough to tap. On a good growing site, and if treated well, a maple tree can be tapped indefinitely.https://vermontmaple.org/how-maple-syrup-is-made Almost all of the maple syrup in the [...]