Saturday Crafts : BTS

Hello- this week Louisiana goes back to school around the state with mask. But today I am bringing some fun to Back to School.

Paper plate Bus:

  • White paper plate
  • scissors
  • black construction paper
  • yellow paint

Cut your plate in half. While drying cut out decoration for your bus in black construction paper. When Bus is dry glue on.

Duck Tape Pencil Pocket :

Make sure that the zipper is closed, and trim the freezer bag to the desired size. Don’t worry about any open seams – you’ll seal those up again later. Cut a strip of Duck Tape that is slightly wider than your pouch, and apply the strip to the top edge of the freezer bag (along the zipper edge). Continue to apply strips of tape until the entire freezer bag is covered. Flip the bag over and repeat the process Trim away the excess tape and square up the edges. Use 1″ wide Duck Tape (or cut a standard size strip of Duck Tape in half lengthwise!) to seal both of the short sides and the bottom of the pouch. Just place half of the strip along the edge, and fold it over to the backside to seal the seam. Trim all of the excess, and you’re done!

My bag using smaller Duck tape : (smaller Freezer bags)

Crayon Frames :

Time to buy New Crayon’s? Thake your used Crayons and make a great frame for your Back to school photos or First Day of School.

I used a sturdy cardboard base. Cover in scrapbook paper. And Glue Crayons around to make the frame.

Thanks for visiting and Have a great weekend….. Lisa

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