Photo’s and Memories

Thanks for checking in this Friday….

Today it’s Photo’s and Memories Challenge : It’s Simple – show me your Photo and then do something Creative with it. If you are a scrapbook er that’s a simple – that what we do. But maybe you are a crafter – then have at it -just have fun with it.

My Photo :

This my son who has a birthday this weekend -standing in front of a field of Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane is grown locally by farmers in the area that includes lots of my family members.

My school Project :

Supplies :

  • Picture printed 4 by 4 square (Snapfish)
  • scrap heavy cardboard
  • scrapbook paper
  • old Crayons with wrapper on.
  • magnet for the back
  • glue,scissors and basic crafting supplies

Decide on size of the picture project based on picture used. Cut out cardboard as base for your project and cover with scrapbook paper or paint. Layer and then glue Crayons end to end to form the outside edge, You can do a single layer or Double them up. And add your picture to the center and glue on the magnet on the back for hanging.

. My frame is a gift for a family member who is a farmers wife,LSU fan and a teacher of Kindergarten students for her fridge. Lisa

Please leave your link to your page in comments or enter Linky on Friday’s page….Lisa

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