Monday * School time

This Monday as we start school I am posting about Organization:

One of the first things I tell new parents is get organized. You can do it many ways and that’s up to you do it. . But here’s a few suggestions and tos on organizing yourself and your class room. So make sure your internet is working and get organized. -Read on…. Lisa

Some tips :

  • Separate e mail for schools . You will be getting e mail from both the school and your students teachers to read and print. Also invest in a good printer/ scanner for all your messages. And you will be using your scanner to turn in student work for grading… Lisa
  • A Calendar or Planner – to write down important phone numbers and due dates.
  • in the front I jotted down teacher’s contact information and e mail address. As well as help number for your school or computer.
  • Dates to turn in project,school calendar and testing dates. Also field trips or special events.

Make Organizing Homeschool Paperwork Easy

  1. Buy a small filing box and hanging folders. You can separate by child or subject matter.
  2. Label each hanging folder. …
  3. Fill each folder with the appropriate papers. …
  4. Find a home for the filing box.
Book shelves are a key item . Holds books and more.

Room space and Organizations : Desk

Single desk for corner .
  • Desk or Table to do work at. Turn that seldom used dining room into a school room . Or use a corner in a bedroom or playroom. I was lucky to have a have a home office that we used during the day as a school room. Depending on number of students your space can be any where. With a d desk or a table you are set. And can still be used as a dining room later.
  • Everything should have a place -like book shelves for books and binders, and carts for small crafts and school supplies. You can repurposed that craft cart you bought and maybe not using any more.

Buying Supplies :

Have fun and let your student help set up there work space . Give them a budget and help them pick things out or reuse something you might not be using. Here is some places I have found things at :

Dollar General

Dollar Tree


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