Mom Internet Down

Today’s School  Time its all about that phrase .  If you school online here’ssome suggestions to help.

Plan ahead

As I said in earlier post this is where organizations comes in. I always check lessons plans on Sunday to make sure I have all my needed supplies on hand.

If a storm is for-cased : I print out lesson plans and workbook sheets to have on hand. Also any assigned reading  or writing plans for those stormy days. It’s a great time for Art time, science experience or games that can be used for class time … Lisa

If you are required to leave home grab you 💻  and school at friends and family houses.

Temporary outage :

Plan ahead.  Locate places with free wifi for your student. Library, coffee shops or even your phones hot spot make temporary connections. This also works if you have doctors or hospital visits during school time.

  Also if you are a family that  travels for work or pleasure  free wifi at hotels  makes great school spots.

Bell Ringer : How are Hurricane named ? Male and female names are used alphabet and rotated every six years .

Hurricane warning road sign

Its Hurricane season in Louisiana and two are forecasted for this week. Stay safe 🙏. Lisa

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