Home this Monday

I am back at my home computer but at a new location this Monday. We are still in the middle of moving house but i finally have my computer set up and running-now with lights and internet connected. Today’s post is a a special one:

Thank You to all that help in recovery :

My hubby and town :

My hubby works for our small town and him and his team worked long hours helping people with basic thing Like keeping water and sewer running on back up. And helping people find help when needed and bringing help from outside sources like red cross, parish and local donations.

Our local power company with help from far away

When we opened our eyes on last Saturday the power company had 200,000 plus without power. They called out help and did miracles. Lineman and help came from all over the South. Thank You for what you do! My Dad worked for the phone company for many years and remember as a kid him going away on mission of help and relief.

Hurricane Relief with meals and cleaning supplies :

The Red Cross brought hot meals and cleaning supplies for all victims of Hurricane Delta .


It takes a lot of people to recover after a disaster even though we were not a really hard hit area. We were not evacuated but we had Some wind and rain damaged but the worst we were without electricity for 4 days. Which means lots of lost food as we had to through away anything in the freezer or refrigerator. And in my case my kitchen is electric so we cooked outside. Also No air conditioner or internet or charging electronics/ Making the days like camping at home . But we survived and clean up is going on. As I write this I here the hum of power saws as the damaged trees are getting taken care of. And life goes back to normal. Only 6 weeks left to 2020 Hurricane season – so if we are lucky we are done. Lisa

Thank You :

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