Book Review: Wildflowers

Book Review: Wildflowers

W wonderful children book :

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Liniers’Wildflowersfeels like an older sister to [Maurice] Sendak’s work, maybe taking place on the next island over from Max’s wild rumpus.”―The New York Times Book Review

A celebration of the magical bonds that unite children!

When her two big sisters embark on an adventure to explore a mysterious island, the youngest one doesn’t want to be left behind. What shines through from this funny story’s gut-wrenchingly scary beginning (“There was a terrible plane crash!”) to its sweet and satisfying ending isLINIERS’sadmiration for the imaginative powers of childhood.

Wildflowers is available in two sizes: TOON Level 2 for beginning readers (6” x 9”) and a larger Special Gift Edition perfect for story time (7.25” x 11”).

About the Author

“As soon as I took [a] photo of my three young daughters looking at the jungle in the Yucatan, Mexico, I began to imagine this book,” says

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Garden time : Wildflowers

Garden time : Wildflowers

This Tuesday its all about Wildflowers..... The 2nd week of May we celebrate : Wildflowers . Why plant them and why they are good for the Earth.... Love is like a Wildflower.....It's often found in the most unlikely places. Ralph Waldo Emerson Once upon a time, every single flower in the world was a wildflower. [...]