Memorial Day : Washington, LA.

This weekend we took a visit to the tiny town of Washington, LA. It’s a wonderful historical town and makes a great afternoon visit. While there we stopped to put flags and flowers for Memorial day for family members. So take a look and Come visit.

Washington, LA

Founded in 1720 and incorporated in 1835, Washington is the 3rd oldest settlement in Louisiana. The community was first established as Poste des Opelousas, a French trading post. Early records indicate that the community was later called Church Landing because the settlement included the first church in the Opelousas district, La Iglesia paroquial de la Immaculada Conception del Puesto de Opelousas, built in 1774. The land had been originally deeded to Jacques Courtableau. It was subsequently granted to “the guardian of the church” which began selling lots in 1822.

In the 1800′s Washington was an important steamboat port with cotton, cattle, sugar, and molasses being the major products shipped from the region. It became the largest steamboat port between New Orleans and St. Louis, Missouri.

Washington contains many examples of various Louisiana architecture, ranging from board and batten cottages to towering plantation houses with full galleries. The brick commercial buildings on Main street are also of major interest since a number of them still maintain their 19th-century ornamental storefronts. Washington has many wonderful old live oaks, many of which are recorded in the register of the Louisiana Oak Society. Beneath the oaks are plants made popular more than 150 years ago. The historic significance of Washington is recorded in the National Historic Registry.

Cedar Hill Cemetery Washington, La ( founded in the 1700’s )

My grandparents, aunt and Uncles and my parents are buried at Cedar Hill . While in town we took time to place flowers and Flags on family members graves. Caring on this tradition that Grandma and Mom always did. Lisa

Why do we put flowers on graves on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868. … Southerners started placing flowers on the graves of Confederate Soldiers who had given their lives in the Civil War. As Yankees were buried in those same cemeteries, flowers were then spread on all soldiers who had died in the Civil War.

Where should a flag be placed on a grave?

Know the proper placement

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Cemetery Administration, flags placed at graves should be erected in a uniform matter, usually one foot, centered and in front of the headstone or grave marker. They should be removed the next day or soon as possiable.

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