Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am Thankful of all the little things in Life. That’s what makes me Happy this week…. Lisa

Electricity in Hot weather :

We had storms last night and was out power for a while. The Rain cool the temperature down some but they got it back up fairly quick so the air and fan could work. So Thank You to the Power people who work hard during crisis.

Rain Water for Flowers:

With the rain I could collect water to water my plants. The Hot (90″s degree weather has been hard on them). So today early I am watering plants early before it gets hot. These flowers are left over when my Grandmother lived here.

Crockpot and Grill :

I am a fan of cooking in a crockpot doing hot weather. I start it early in the day and let it cook. My hubby is the grill master on the weekends so we dont have to heat up the house . My parents built the patio but never used it- we go out every evening and I always give thank to them.


Having a new puppy helps me get out of the house. It”s Easy in the Summer hot weather to hibernate but Blue makes sure I get lots of excersise and enjoy the outside. Usually early morning and late evening is our time to go on long walks and explore outside.

Library open for Summer learning:

I am the volunteer Liberian and open part time in town to help the kids learn this Summer. The kids lost lots of learning time in Louisiana with school closing and online learning. I am planning the Summer Reading programs and this year its all about animals. I plan to have a pet day under the Oaks to celbrate all the four legged family members we have.

I am so Thankful for you my reader for stopping bye….. Lisa

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