Recycled Christmas Cards

Hi Crafters- this Thursday I am recycling Christmas cards into new project. While going through Mom craft closets I found boxes of Christmas Some never used and some that friends and family sent. I though I need to do something with them -so here I go.

New Cards from Old:

This is the Simplest : Using the fronts (1) , or the inside verse (2) or fussy cut ( Tree -3) an item. Is a quick and easy fix.

Card Spinners :

Great for larger card designs.

  • Old Christmas Cards
  • Circle ( any size)
  • Pencil to mark circle.
  • Scissors and glue
  • string

Mark the circle onto the cards. Cut out . And then fold each circle in Half. Place back to back and glue . While sandwiching your string in middle for hanger. Or you can punch a hole and string yarn or many spinner together to form garland.

Christmas Tree Ornaments :

  • Jar lids or wooden circles
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Glue , Scissors, String
  • decorations

Take lid and cut cards to fit. Glue on lid and let dry. Place a hole for hanging on tree. Then place jar ring on the lid and decorate.

You can but plank wooden disc at Craft stores . And cover with cards and seal with mod podge to seal. I like to use the Sparkle kind to the ornaments.

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