Gone to the Birds

Today I am feeding the birds with these fun and easy crafts.

January is the perfect time to help feed the birds in my back yard.

Pinecone Bird feeder

I use the pinecone from my yard. And cover with Peanut Butter and cover with seeds. Hang in the trees for birds to enjoy.

Cheetios for the Birds

They are good for your heart and good for the birds Simple string on yarn and hand on tree.

Popscile stick feeder

I cut a piece of cardboard in a square for the base , glue on perch , then layer popscile sticks untl hieght needed. Glueing between sticks. Then add hangers and fill with seeds.

Suet cakes recipe:

To start: line a 8 by 8 cake pan with parchment.

Mix 2 cups birdseed, 1/2 C Sunflower seeds and 1/2 C raisns.

Melt : 1 C lard in microwave and pour over seeds.

Then mix together and pour into cake pan and let harden. Then they can be cut in 4 squares.

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