Lisa Book Shelf : Children Journal’s

This Saturday I am featuring Two great children journals to help get kids talking and writing about there feelings. It’s been a rough year for kids with going back to school, dealing with COXID and losing family members. A great addition to any family library. Lisa

Help kids get to know their feelings with daily prompts for ages 8 to 12

Learning to recognize feelings and express them in a healthy way is an important part of growing up, and it helps kids discover new things about themselves and the world around them. This mindfulness journal is their guide to getting comfortable with their emotions, with daily entries for tracking their feelings and weekly prompts that encourage them to dive deeper into specific feelings.

This feelings journal will inspire kids to:

  • Journal all year long—Kids will get the chance to write about their feelings every day for an entire year with a mix of short entries and longer, more thought-provoking prompts.
  • Learn about lots of emotions—This journal for kids will help them learn how to work through positive and negative feelings, like anger, sadness, happiness, fear, and gratitude.
  • Explore all kinds of activities—From playing a song that makes them feel happy to writing a letter to an imaginary friend, kids will find real-life exercises that help them understand their emotions.

Give kids the tools to befriend their feelings with this empowering guided journal.

Help kids ages 8 to 12 work through their feelings and begin healing after loss

It’s normal for kids to have a lot of big feelings after they’ve lost someone or something important to them. This guided journal is filled with prompts and exercises that encourage kids to explore their emotions, find comfort and peace, and hold their memories close to their heart forever.

What sets this book apart from other grief books for children:

  • A focus on feelings—Kids will learn about the many emotions that can come with grief and find prompts that encourage them to write about whatever feelings they’re experiencing.
  • Many ways to process loss—In addition to writing and drawing prompts, kids will discover simple activities and meditations to help support their healing.
  • An easy format—Kids can work through this journal in any order and at their own pace—every day, every week, or whatever feels right for them.

Give the child in your life the emotional tools to start healing from their loss with this top choice in grief books for kids.

I highly recommend both of these journals – they are filled with great talking points (prompts) to get your family talking about feelings with your kids…. Lisa

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