Graduation Time : DIY Party Idea’s

Graduation Party time in South Louisiana. This past weekend we had invites for 4 diffrent Graduation party’s. So here’s some fun ideas to make them special.

Graduation Wreath:

Take a plan wreath of your choice and Fill it with memories of past school years . I great way to use those old school picture to make this wreath. Add the Hat and tassel and words and you are done.

Graduation Cupcakes :

Vanilla Cup cakes with white icing and straw and hats.

Graduation Money Box:

I reused an old box from Christmas with a little paint and paper. I made this box in my Seniors colors and add the cap and tassel from paper cut outs.

Money Tumbler:

You will need: dollar bills | tumbler cup | black ribbon | adhesive backed felt | tassel keychain 

So the first think you will need to do is roll up the dollar bills and tie them with little ribbons with a single knot.  fill the tumblr cup with the rolled dollars.  I also placed some gold tconfetti in the bottom for an extra little pop! 
Now adhere the felt square to the lid of the tumblr cup. Cut/poke a hole out for the straw. 

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