The Great Garden Escape

Recipient of two 2021 Purple Dragonfly Awards
Join Sally Strawberry and Billy Blueberry on an extraordinary and interactive adventure through the garden!
 Best friends Sally and Billy are ready for a fun day in Fruit Garden! After sliding down Mango Mountain and flying over Cherry Cliff, they accidentally land in the mysterious Vegetable Garden. In their search to return home, a helpful squash tells the friends that ten clues will lead them to the secret gate. The pair must quickly find and solve them all before the gate locks at sunset. Will Sally and Billy conquer their quest to return home, or will they be left to ripen with the veggies? Children will love to solve the clues about vegetables and see which part of the garden they get to explore next! This unique tale, filled with delightful rhymes and vivid watercolor illustrations, is one kids will want to read over and over again!

On my Book Shelf

The Great Garden Escape has a rhyming text which is perfect for children 2 to 7 years old. It familiarizes children with a variety of vegetables and introduces riddles throughout the story. The illustrations are colorful making it attractive to young children. I highly recommend The Great Garden Escape.

Craft Time; DIY Caning Lid Vegetable marker :

  • canning lids
  • Printed vegetable clip art
  • scissors and glue
  • Outdoor Mod podge
  • Floral metal picks or wooden craft sticks

Print out in color vegetables clip art on heavy paper. Trace lid around clip art and cut out. Glue on lid and coat with Outdoor pod podge. After drying attached too pick or wooden craft sticks.

Canning season is over for a bit, which means that you can upcycle those old canning jar lids and turn them into gorgeous hand painted garden markers. This is a great idea for those of you who do your own canning and have a few used lids that you need to upcycle. You can’t use lids more than once for canning, so this is a great project to make them useful once again.

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