A Patchwork of Clues : Lisa Book Club

Today at the Saturday book club- I am shining light on all of our towns many quilters that are getting ready for the annual Quilt show.

From our Library stacks:

Small-town quilters look for a killer’s pattern in this delightful new series by the national bestselling author of the Seaside Knitters mysteries . . .
On her morning jog, Portia Paltrow comes upon the dead body of antiques store owner and college professor Owen Hill, sprawled across the back doorstep of Selma Parker’s fabric and quilt shop on Elderberry Road. The site of their Saturday morning quilting bee just became a crime scene. Violent crime is rare in the charming village of Crestwood, Kansas, and rumors are soon circulating of a burglary gone wrong. But who would rob a quilt shop? No, Owen Hill has been murdered.
Selma and her assistant manager Susan are understandably at loose ends over the crime. So while the tightly knit covey of quilters—who range from a new mother to a wise octogenarian—work together on a Crystal Pattern quilt for Selma’s store’s anniversary, they also get busy stitching together a patchwork of clues. But they’d better work fast—before a crafty killer bolts

My Book pick :

Portia Paltrow (Po) and her quilting group are working hard on a quilt for Selma, the quilt shop owner’s anniversary. They use their quilting time to do double duty to solve a mystery when their friend/local antique store owner and collage professor is murdered.
They use their wits and their small town knowledge to follow the clues and discover the murderer before some of their group gets caught by a killer.
I enjoyed getting to know these bright and clever women who meet together regularly to combine their lives while stitching quilts. The characters each stand out as individuals and I hope to watch them all grow throughout this series.

Tea Cup blockhttps://www.thesewingchick.com/2014/02/teacup-block-tutorial/


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