Blue’s : No Sew Fleece Dog Bed

Happy National Dog Day! To celebrate I am making Blue a New dog bed. But since my machine is on the fritz – iam making a No Sew version. Using the option I used for fleece blankets i made for my family last winter. So today it’s Blue’s turn.

Dog Bed Sizes

  • X-Small – 17″L x 15″W
  • Small – 24″L x 18″W
  • Medium – 30″L x 21″W
  • Large – 36″L x 23″W
  • X-Large – 42″L x 28″W
  • XX-Large – 48″L x 30″W

Material you will need : Depending on bed size

  • 2 pcs of fleece ( or just one large one cut in half)
  • Poly -fil ( or quilt batting or Pillows for cushion)
  • Scissors, tape measure
  • Flat surface( Bed,large table or even clean floor)

Directions :

First you need to decide on size of your dog Bed. Then buy what you need.

  • Open one piece of fabric and place it right side down on a large table or the floor.
  • Place poly foam, memory foam, or pillow in the middle of your fabric.
  • Cover with your second piece of fleece. 
  • Grab your measuring tape or ruler and cut down to size, if needed. Ideally, you want to leave 6″ of fabric on all sides.
  • Cut out the corners. . And then cut excess fabric into strips (about 1″ – 1 1/2″ thick). Cut around all four sides
  • Double knot all of the strips.

Essay instruction for donations: Blue was a shelter Dog : so I like to give back to them.

Make sure you check out my other Dog post : Blue’s biscuit and a dog shampoo recipe. Lisa

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