IT MUST BE AUTUMN : Lisa Kids Book Club

Welcome to my library ! We are celebrating September with crafts and books about Nature !

It must be Autumn … and this book’s fun-loving family is out to discover all the wonderful signs of the beautiful Fall season. Join in their antics as they shake and rhyme their way to a surprise ending that is sure to delight readers of all ages. There’s even a couple of wisecracking squirrels to keep the laughs coming as the pair frolic through the pages telling jokes that will leaf you fall-ing over into a great big pile of chuckles.

Written by an unabashedly Canadian teacher to celebrate the glorious back-to-school season, “It Must Be Autumn” features:

-repetitive chorus to promote participation and recollection
-predictable patterns for early readers to follow
-simple yet rich text for vocabulary building
-opportunity to learn about synonyms and days of the week
-springboards to cross-curricular activities

But most of all, this book is: “a delightful reminder that childhood joy doesn’t have to be only for children, and that there is fun to be found for everyone if you’re just willing to jump into it.”Leaf
– Brooke Vitale, children’s book editor and author of ” A Muppet’s Christmas Carol”

You can see a lot of leaves falling on the ground, which has different color because some fall early, some day after day. They have colors like green, red, dark green and some more. One of the autumn crafts for kids can be the leaf people, where you can collect different color leaf and stick it on paper with little eyes’ on it, and underneath it, you can stick colored ice cream stick to give it a proper shape.

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