DIY Candy Corn Candle

  • Soy wax flacks
  • candlewick
  • Pencil.glue dot
  • Glass jar
  • Glass measuring cups , bowls
  • Yellow and Orange crayons (dye)
  • Candy Corn fragrance (lone Star candles)

Depending on size of your jar will be how much wax you will need. For an 8 oz candle you will need about 5.3 0z of wax.

Clean your Jar. And place a glue dot on bottom of wick and place in jar. To keep wick in place use a pencil . Then you will need to melt you wax slowly in a microwave or double boiler on the stove. After melting separate in small glass bowls to dye. with crayons. After color is right add fragrance. Pour in Yellow -let harden (fridge) and then add Orange -harden then add White. Let harden and cut wick to size.

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