Recycle, Reuse Halloween Crafts

Today’s post is for all the collectors out there. You are the ones that cant throw any thing away that you might can use to make something. So today here’s my project :

My recycled baking sheet:

I pulled this old rusted baking sheet out of the trash and painted with flat black spray paint. Then let dry and my Hubby drilled me a hole for my string and I change out the flowers for the season.

My baking sheet was going on a white surface but you can paint it any colors.

Magnetic Wedding Save a date :

I had a collection of these on the Fridge. But you can reuse anything with a magnetic backer.

My Halloween Magnet :

I covered my magnet with this cute Halloween paper. Clip art and Note card.

Magnet Clips and Notes:

Not a Halloween fan ? I bought large magnetic clips from Office supply store and decorated with flowers and clipart.

Happy Halloween!

I will be back with more magnets for the Holiday season…. Lisa

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