Book Review: A Seaside Wonder

Book Review:   A Seaside Wonder

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In one evening, Indi’s world falls apart. Enter the shy professor her family mistakes for her fiancé…make that ex-fiancé.

Professor Philip West never wanted to return to Maine . . . or his grandfather’s miserable old house. But after his mother’s death, he’s now the guardian of a teenage half sister who doesn’t want anything to do with him. He longs to help her heal, but he’s exhausted and numb, desperate for relief of his own. Maybe that’s why he’s so easily distracted when he happens upon the little shop with an intriguing owner—one who happens to share a name with someone from his grandfather’s mysterious past.

More than a decade has passed since Indi Muir made the heartbreaking decision she’s never recovered from—though she’s certainly tried. She has a full life running her shop and creating the artsy pieces that fill its shelves. If she can just stay busy…

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Book Review: The Invisible Little Pumpkin Seed

Book Review:  The Invisible Little Pumpkin Seed

It's time to decorate for fall and this little pumpkin seed feels so small! A seasonal rhyming story for children of all ages as they discover the beauty of growth not only from inside a pumpkin seed, but inside of them too! Book Review: This well-crafted children's book is also applicable to adults. It was [...]

Lisa Book Shelf : The Giving Snowman 

Lisa Book Shelf : The Giving Snowman 

A Children’s Bedtime Story about Gratitude  (A perfect Christmas gift for children ages 3-8)On a snowy night, Snowman lends a helping hand to Bird, Rabbit, Farmer, and Traveler when they are in need. The next day when the sun comes out and melts Snowman, Bird, Rabbit, Farmer, and Traveler work together as a team to [...]