Mom’s Book shelf : Amish Romance

My Mom loved books and sharing books and reading with others. She started a weekly reading program at the elementary school and help started our local Library that I volunteer at Today in her memory …. Lisa

The Amish Quiltmaker’s Unconventional Niece

Quilt making, troublemaking, and matchmaking create a sweetly entertaining mix in this inspirational romance series featuring resourceful Colorado quiltmaker Esther Kiem—from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Beckstrand, beloved, award-winning inspirational romance author of the Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill, The Honeybee Sisters, and The Petersheim Brothers series. Will appeal to fans of Charlotte Hubbard, Amy Lillard, and Emma Miller.

Mattie Zook always stands up for what’s right—which is why she’s been exiled from her Pennsylvania Dutch home to her Aunt Esther’s farm. Outraged at local discrimination against the Amish, she’s using her rumschpringe to run for town council. Esther can only hope that sensible local farmer Freeman Sensenig will help Mattie—and keep her from going too far. But Mattie is soon finding her new campaign manager all too appealing . . .
Freeman never thought that the standoffish, opinionated Mattie would care so much about others. Even more amazing, their differences are somehow making her campaign successful—and have him hoping for more of a future with her. But unexpected obstacles and a sudden romantic rival will put their growing closeness to the test—and give them only one chance to truly reconcile their hearts .

Lisa Book Review:

My Mom loved this authors Amish books and this one would defiantly be on her book list. But I also enjoy these books because I lived in the Amish area among its people for many years. But still learn something new everytime I read these books.

Mom and I have been a Jennifer Beckstrand fan for many years, when I first read her Huckleberry Hill series. She always has a quirky, fun character or two in the story and in The Amish Quiltmakers Unconventional Niece, she doesn’t disappoint. Both Cathy and the book’s heroine, Mattie Zook, are fun and well developed. Beckstrand has a way of infusing her characters with both integrity and wit and her books keep me coming back for more. If you are an Amish book fan or a fan of this authors book pick up this newest book in this fun series.

Love quilts – Check out my Make It Monday post. Where i will introduce you to Quilt to valor program…. Lisa

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