It’s Recycle Day ! How you can Help !

Welcome to my Home. And we are celebrating National Recycling Day!

What you can Do Everyday at Home:

. Check What Goes Where

The solution is simple, residents need to recycle correctly. This means not recycling items that they hope can be recycled or adding items to their bin that are not accepted in their area. Although good intentioned, wish-cycling is counter-productive.

The best way you can help for America Recycles Day is to stay informed about what is accepted in your recycling program. Every program is a little different, so instead of assuming, you should explore what your program accepts.

2. Make Eco-conscious Purchases

As the rise in awareness about the problems with plastic packaging and other disposable items increases, more products are coming on the market that have an eco-friendlier alternative than their formerly disposable options. Once more people move to buying sustainable packaging and products, more companies will move to providing sustainable options.

Seek out products that are made from recycled materials. Often the reason certain materials aren’t accepted in a recycling program, is because there is no market for that recycled material. This means that the recycling facility has no one who wants to buy the material once it’s sorted.

3. Avoid Landfills

  • Reusing: There are innumerable ways to reuse items that might normally be thrown away. Single use plastic cutlery can be hand-washed and used again. Ziploc baggies can be used over and over if they are wiped down. Use containers such as spreadable butter tubs as Tupperware for leftovers.
  • Repairing: Sometimes when an item breaks, it’s easier to get a new one than repair it, but is that really the best option? No, not for the environment. Go ahead and get out the glue gun and duct tape and keep those items in use for as long as possible.
  • Donating: If you really don’t need something anymore, there is surely someone else who does. If you have items that can’t be dropped at a donation center, check with your community. There are apps like Nextdoor and community groups on Facebook that you can post unwanted items to see if someone else wants them.  
  • Upcycling: There are tons of crafts you can do by using unwanted items to create beautiful décor around your house. There are even ways to upcycle your old clothes. The sky is the limit when it comes to upcycling.  

Recycling starts with You: Go out and Volunteer

Yearly Clean up the River day. Volunteers on Boats and at the Dock clean up the Tech river. Bayou Tech project is a great way our family gets involved together with our community.

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