Forest Fairy Crafts: Enchanting Fairies & Felt Friends from Simple Supplies

28 toymaking projects for kids, featuring faeries, zombies, gnomes, leprechauns, and more.

•Make magical fairies, scary zombies, and cute gnomes with simple supplies and sewing skills

•Learn easy crafting skills like hand sewing, finger knitting, sewing buttons and sequins, and using patterns

•Have a fairy-crafting party! Projects are perfect for birthday parties, play dates, and afternoon playtime

Welcome to Fairyland! Inside this book, you’ll find more than 28 projects that’ll make the most of your imagination. Whether you want to make flower fairies, zombie sprites or forest gnomes, there’s something in here to get you started! You can even craft a treasure pocket to hide all your creations in. Best of all, you’ll learn new sewing skills that you can show off to your pals!

Kids Crafts

  • different kinds of yarn
  • thread
  • a small piece of felt – for the wings and skirt
  • air dry clay, to make Head Put on a wooden stick and leave for a couple of hours until dry up completely.
  • scissors, glue and permanent markers to draw the face

First make your clay ball for head . Cut out felt wings and leaves for skirt. Cut 12long piece of yarn. Thread yarn through beads for hair and come through bead and slit up for each arm and legs. Glue on skirt leaves and Wings , and decorate.

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