The Love of a Good Amish Woman : Book Review

An overworked bishop and a resilient widow are a help to nearly everyone in their faith-filled Amish community of Joyful River, Pennsylvania—but what will help them see just how right they can be for each other?

Collette Yoder’s path hasn’t been easy since her husband abandoned her—and she recovered from a near-fatal injury. But now-widowed, she feels blessed to provide for her children, especially when her new job means helping the also newly widowed Bishop Aaron Troyer straighten out his too-busy life. She simply won’t let herself hope too much that their friendship could blossom into much, much more . . .
Aaron Troyer can only thank Gott that he’s finally found help. With a thriving congregation and two lively daughters growing up fast, the bishop has more demands on his time than hours in the day. And he’s long admired Collette Yoder’s quiet courage and ability to find joy in the smallest things—an inspiring example for three visiting Englisch girls. But amid
unforeseen trouble and strife, Aaron may realize that his admiration for Collette could lead to a lifetime of joy together . . .
Praise for An Amish Homecoming
“Biblical themes of faith and love echo throughout. . . . Lauer’s fans will be satisfied with the happy endings and eagerly await the next trip to Joyful River.”
Publishers Weekly

ARC Book Review:

This is a well written Amish romance that holds your attention from the first page until the last. I enjoyed the pace of the story and that the romance was about an older couple. There are great characters in this story. I enjoyed getting to know them. There are a couple of storylines which I liked. It kept things interesting. I like how the relationship between Aaron and Collette progressed. They got to know each other while Collette was in rehab. The pair become friends before romance blossoms between them. There are good life lessons and faith messages in the story. I especially liked Suzi’s story. I was happy to return to Joyful River, Pennsylvania. I like that the author shows real life struggles and tragedies. We get to the characters work to overcome adversity. It is wonderful how the members of the Amish community are there for each other when tragedy strikes. I have enjoyed each book in the Joyful River series. The Love of a Good Amish Woman can be read as a standalone, but you will be missing out. The Love of a Good Amish Woman is a heartwarming tale with a busy bishop, a matchmaking Miriam, a standout scar, yucky yumasetti casserole, a wonderful wedding, life lessons, and a caring community.

Grab a cup of Coffee and Curl up with this wonderful book I highly recommend it. Lisa

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